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Recipe:Tiramisu Smoothie

For the July issue of Santé, the editors tested juicers and blenders. Not only do you make healthy juices with a blender, you can also make this delicious Tiramisu smoothie from Lekker en Simpel.

Shopping list for 1 smoothie:
– 5 tbsp yogurt
– 8 tbsp milk
– 0.5 tsp instant coffee
– 0.5 tsp cocoa
– 1 tsp chocolate sauce
– 1 .5 tablespoon mascarpone
– 1 lady finger

Step 1
First, scoop the coffee and cocoa into the mixing bowl. Pour in a little bit of milk and stir well with a spoon. Then add the other ingredients except the ladyfinger.

Step 2
Blend with a blender or stick blender until everything is well blended. Pour the smoothie into a nice glass and crumble the lady finger above the smoothie and pour some chocolate sauce on the smoothie if necessary.

And enjoy!

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