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Record and cooking:this "wonderful" moist strawberry cake, very easy to make, set the Web on fire ("An absolute delight!")

It flowers on the stalls of our market gardeners because it is between April and June its peak season; we are talking about strawberries of course. This fruit, one of the most appreciated by young and old, which makes us dream with its strong fragrance and refreshing taste.

Soft strawberry cake:the cake that everyone agrees on!

And if the strawberry tart appears as the essential dessert of the season, making a success of its pastry cream is not always easy; so let's go for the moist strawberry cake, just as delicious and for once, easier to make.

Strawberry cake:this Italian pastry chef's recipe is going viral on YouTube!

And all the more so since Rita Struglia, who runs the YouTube channel Le Refuge Parfait, has just - after having more than won us over with her super creamy lemon-flavored cake without butter, oil or yeast - to give the recipe for a " wonderful” “wonderful” cake; which has accumulated as of May 11, 2021 nearly 6.5 million views on the platform for more than 2000 comments praising the super simple preparation and its absolutely unique flavor. A strawberry cake for which we offer you all the steps of the recipe in our slideshow, enjoy your meal!

Here's how to make the moist strawberry cake that is a hit on YouTube!

The ingredients!

  • 250 g of flour
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 150g white yogurt
  • 60 gr seed oil
  • 350 ​​g of strawberries
  • 8 g baking powder
  • 1 grated lemon