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Homemade cakes are easy and cheaper.

Homemade cakes are easy and cheaper.

Instead of buying cakes from big box stores or bakeries, better to make them yourself to save money.

And, besides, it's much better!

Recipes for cakes, pound cakes and other cakes that are easy and quick to make, that's not what's missing.

And unlike commercial pastries which are already ready, the advantage here is that at home, we prepare them as we like!

Homemade cakes are easy and cheaper.

  • How to
  • Result
  • Savings

How to

You can stick to the traditional recipe or customize your preparations.

You can add candied fruit, grated coconut.

Or, you can make a flavored icing to add indulgence to a yogurt cake.

A few chocolate shavings on a cheesecake and orange zest to flavor a chocolate cake.


Homemade cakes are easy and cheaper.

This gives you varied and unique cakes, unlike shops, where recipes rarely change.

And, between you and me, honestly, we have more fun eating a homemade cake straight out of the oven...

Only a store-bought pastry that often dates from the day before!

Savings achieved

Casually, cakes are expensive both in the bakery and in the supermarket.

To save 5 to 10 €, make your own pastries with good, inexpensive recipes that can of course be modified endlessly.

Home cooking is the best way to spend less money while having fun, often for a much better result.

You will quickly see the difference between industrial cakes and those made by your little fairy hands.