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Wrap Hack:zoom in on this new food trend that is setting the Web on fire!

As you know, social networks are today a real source of culinary inspiration . TikTok in particular has become THE essential platform for discovering new, original and tasty recipes. And precisely, in recent days one in particular has been all the rage:the Wrap Hack . What is behind this fervor? The video of @crystalcookingfun , a young Australian who reveals the best way to make hot and grilled wraps in minutes . The video quickly went viral, so much so that many people took up this technique and revisited the recipe.

Wrap Hack recipes:these gourmet and original ideas to make with a tortilla

Depending on your tastes and what you have in your fridge and cupboards, it is very easy to make your own Wrap Hack . All you need is a tortilla , either a wheat or corn pancake, a garnish and a few minutes of your time. Then, it's as simple as pie:slice your galette from the center to the edge, arrange your ingredients one after the other then fold everything into triangles. Once ready, you can either pan-fry or grill your wrap, or eat it as is, cold.

Of course, this tortilla wrap can be enjoyed with all meals, both for a savory and a sweet break. In this idea, you can decline the Wrap Hack at breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese, at afternoon tea with Nutella and seasonal fruits; but also at lunch and dinner raclette, Caesar salad or burger.

Check out all of our Wrap Hack recipe ideas in our slideshow.

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