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New food trend:wine ice cream

After blue wine, here comes a new unusual trend, wine ice cream. This novelty is already melting social networks.

An American invention

Invented by a small family business, The Crossroad Company, located in the Baltimore area, 'Wine cream' is made from cream and artisanal fruit wines frozen in liquid nitrogen. Once ready, add fresh fruit, pieces of hazelnut or even candies, much like frozen yogurts.

But, made from a strong wine to be able to retain all its taste after freezing, this ice cream contains as many degrees of alcohol as a usual glass of rosé, or about 10% alcohol per serving. So better not to abuse it! The famous delicacy is currently only marketed in the United States at local festivals and certain private events, but also on their website. However, the director of the firm did not fail to communicate her ambition to export her product all over the world. And if you're on vacation in New York (or another city in the States…), you can have it delivered by ordering it on their e-shop!