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Tiny food:the new trend that is all the rage on Instagram

It's no longer a secret that food is king on Instagram. And if you add a good dose of cuteness, it's the guaranteed jackpot. So we have no trouble understanding the enthusiasm caused by Tiny Food (miniature food in VF).

A trend from Japan

This new trend coming straight from Japan (nothing that happens to us from there any longer surprises us) consists of cooking meals in miniature version. A bit like the artist Chikoto Kawakami who makes mini cookies in the shape of various and varied dishes. Small difference however:the Tiny Food has the taste of the food presented. Pizzas, nachos, tarts, burgers, ice creams, breakfast… Anything goes. Well, we grant you, the usefulness of the Tiny Food is debatable but the result is stunning and super cute. And what makes the phenomenon even more impressive is all the work that these Lilliputian dishes require. Yes, they may be very mini, but the preparation is not easy. The cooking utensils and appliances being just as meager, patience and a sense of detail are required. Not sure we'll try it, but we love the result!