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Inspiration:recipes with seaweed

In the article 6 things to know about iodine in our April issue, you can read that seaweed is a good source of iodine. No idea which dishes you can prepare with seaweed? We share some inspiration.

1. DIY TheDutchWeedBurger
TheDutchWeedBurger has become a household name. Its recipe is a secret, but the TDWB team has shared a recipe for another seaweed burger on the website. View the recipe for the seaweed burger.

2. Seaweed salad with fried tofu
As a meal salad or as a side dish. View the recipe for seaweed salad.

3. Seaweed soup
Soup is an ideal dish, because you can put all kinds of vegetables in it. So is seaweed. Unleash your creativity. Check out this seaweed soup recipe for inspiration.

4. Omelette rolls with nori and salmon
This recipe is very suitable for breakfast. View the recipe for omelette rolls.

5. Chocolate mousse
Do you have a sweet tooth? Don't worry, you can apparently also make desserts with seaweed. Wanna try? View the recipe for chocolate mousse with seaweed.