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Ober Mamma, the new popular Italian restaurant in Paris

The first restaurant, East Mamma , located rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine opened last April and continues to be a hit with a trendy boho clientele who loves pastas worthy of the name. In order not to stop mid-flight, the group Big Mamma decided to invest in a new district of the 11th arrondissement, Oberkampf, by opening Ober Mamma (a pragmatic name).

At the entrance no surprise, the queue is as impressive as in the first. Once inside it is the cave of Ali Baba, epicurean version, which is offered to us. In the first room, small round bistro-style tables are arranged near the window. Next door is the bar where gigantic vials sit on the shelves waiting to be turned into cocktails.

If we take the corridor, we look up to face about thirty legs of ham hanging from the ceiling, enough to make us salivate. In the back room, a large glass roof decorated like a summer garden stands out in front of the open kitchens of the restaurant, because as the house likes to point out:"Here we have nothing to hide .

In the kitchen, the gustatory pleasure is at the rendezvous. Generous portions, neat presentation and a festival of flavors in the mouth. The Spritz is available with basil or apple, the mozzarella is smoked or in donuts and the pizzas respect the tradition of the wood fire.

Their know-how? Offer homemade dishes with fresh products that they themselves fetch in Italy, all at reasonable prices. So they prove it:eating good and cheap is still possible in Paris.

A new faultless for these geniuses of a kitchen "ma que bella! » with authentic taste and gourmet decoration.

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