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The Dutch score poorly as vegetable eaters

The Dutch score poorly as vegetable eaters

How bad is the Netherlands as vegetable eaters! Only 18 percent meet the prescribed daily amount of 250 grams of vegetables and 2 pieces (200 grams) of fruit.

This is apparent from research '5 a day' conducted by research agency Kantar. We are in 3rd place when it comes to bad fruit and vegetable eaters. First place is taken by the Danes followed by the Swedes.

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An additional study by Verse Oogst, conducted by Direct Search among 500 Dutch people, also shows that only 22 percent of Dutch people take vegetables as a starting point when thinking of dinner.

This is the golden tip to eat more vegetables

If you take carbohydrates or meat (replacement) as a starting point for your evening meal, the vegetables will remain a side dish. This way you quickly eat too few vegetables. The solution turns out not to be that complicated at all:start your meal more often from the vegetable. This way you know for sure that you get enough of it and you will be pleasantly surprised in the kitchen. With vegetables as a base you are good anyway! So when you're planning your evening meal, think about what vegetables you want to eat first, then decide which dish you're in the mood for. Curry, stew, an oven dish or a salad? Determine what else you need (think sauce, carbohydrates, proteins and toppings) and you're done!