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A Cheap and Easy Recipe:Tuna Pasta.

A Cheap and Easy Recipe:Tuna Pasta.

For the smart ones who want a cheap recipe without having to worry, here are some that I often make at home.

It's easy to cook, it's tuna pasta.

The advantage of this recipe is that the price of the ingredients is very affordable and it's very simple to make.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 400g of pasta

- 1 large can of plain tuna

- 1 jar of tomato sauce

- Olive Oil

- 4 shallots

The famous preparation

1. Cook the pasta by checking the cooking time on the package.

2. At the same time, cook the shallots with a little olive oil in a pan.

3. Then add the crumbled tuna with the juice and cook gently for a few minutes.

4. When the pasta is ready, add the tomato sauce to the tuna for a few moments.

5. All you have to do is pour the preparation into the pasta and it's ready in 10 min.

What do you think of my little tuna pasta recipe? Do you know any other cheap and easy to make recipes? Leave us your recipes in the comments.

Savings achieved

Since you have to eat at least twice a day, know cheap recipes is essential to know how to save.

If, like me, you are used to always overdoing it, don't forget to use your leftover pasta the next day in a salad, for example.

For dessert, are you up for a good yogurt cake that's easy to make and just as economical?