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Foodie:the app to find the perfect filter for food photos

This is the new app for foodistas-instagramers:the Foodie app has been a hit since the beginning of the year, when it was released. It will save time for anyone who loves to post pictures of their food, because its filters are specially designed for food!

Basically, it will be much faster to post a photo of your freshly served plate because there are 24 filters already divided into 7 special categories:crispy, fresh, yum, barbecue, tender, sweet and romantic. No need to rack your brains for 10 minutes to find the right light to finally… eat cold when we have finally posted the perfect photo. More fun also for the other who shares our meal... 2 clicks, we post his photo and we don't talk about it anymore.

The little extra:the "best angle" function, which allows you to take a shot when the camera is correctly positioned horizontally (avoids taking a high angle, ugly). Its ability to render beautiful images even in a poorly lit bar is otherwise amazing.

And to want to use it, we draw inspiration from Instagram accounts that make us drool:girleatworld and its culinary specialties from around the world, morguix and its white and graphic universe, or even megandcook and its creative recipes that make us want to cook. !