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The top 10 Thai dishes

If you visit Thailand, it is impossible to miss the well-known cooking class. After about 3 hours of experimenting with the pronounced flavors and spicy herbs, Thai cuisine has no more secrets for you. But which dishes should you try when you travel to the land of smiles? Here we have made an overview of the 10 most popular Thai dishes with tourists, whether you go to Phuket or Bangkok.

1 – Pad Thai

The top 10 Thai dishes
The number 1 on this list needs little explanation:Pad Thai is the most famous Thai dish. The combination of stir-fried rice noodles, egg, chicken or scampi and palm sugar makes many tourists' mouths water. Ideal for lunch at a stall along the street.

2 – Tom Yam

The top 10 Thai dishes
This herbal stock is usually described as "sweet and sour Thai soup". Only spicy tourists will taste this dish, because the number of red chilis in this spicy shrimp soup is not considered. In addition to the delicious taste, the dish also has medicinal properties.

3 – Larb

Larb is a rural, very healthy dish, which is mainly eaten in the evening. The seasoned minced meat with rice powder, lime juice, fish sauce and fresh Thai herbs is an absolute hit, both with tourists and Thais.

4 – Khao Soi

If you go to Northern Thailand, you should definitely not forget to try 'Khao Soi'. The distinct flavors in this dish are coconut stock, wheat and egg noodles, and chicken or steak.

5 – Sum Tam

The top 10 Thai dishes
This spicy papaya salad is probably one of the healthiest dishes you can find. Originally 'Som Tam' comes from the North-East of Thailand, but now you can find it on every Thai menu. The dish consists of crispy pieces of unripe papaya, mixed with other healthy – and especially spicy – ​​ingredients.

6 – Phat Kaphrao

Phat Kaphrao is an easy street food dish. In addition to a stir-fried mix between meat, chilis and Thai basil, you get a portion of rice that is usually finished with a fried egg.

7 – Green Curry

The top 10 Thai dishes
Green Thai curry gets its name from the color of the sauce – derived from green chilies . Green curry has a pronounced sweetness in it and is often finished with pieces of red chilli and basil.

8 – Yam

The top 10 Thai dishes
Yam! This dish speaks for itself. Usually served as a side dish, this salad is a combination of meat and fish with fresh herbs. Healthy and tasteful!

9 – Kai Yang

The top 10 Thai dishes
We owe this Thai-style grilled chicken to the inhabitants of the North-East of the country. The chicken is marinated just before grilling in a unique mix of fish sauce, coriander and garlic. Thai residents combine it with sticky rice and a green papaya salad.

10 – Khao Phat

The top 10 Thai dishes
Khao Pat is Thai for fried rice:one of the most served dishes in Thailand, but especially known as comfort food. If you order “Khao Phat Pu”, you will get crispy pieces of crab and egg with it.