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10 original chocolate bars

Eating chocolate is good for your health. And it is proven, in addition to having anti-stress and antioxidant properties, it is a natural antidepressant. And then, as we love it, we invite you to discover 10 tablets as original as they are good... We're not going to miss it!

Green tea chocolate by Dolfin (€2.80)

When milk chocolate meets Sencha green tea from Japan, it gives... a surprising blend that will delight tea lovers. The Dolfin brand offers an infinite number of flavors, each more original than the next:pear and grilled almonds, green anise, red fruits and flax seeds, fresh ginger… All at a rather reasonable price. What to test full of flavors!

Rosé chocolate by Compartés ($9.95 or €9)

This all-pink tablet terrifies our eyes as much as our taste buds. To create it, Compartés infused rosé in its artisanal white chocolate, before crystallizing it in rose petals... Perfect for an aperitif, we share it with our friends even if we admit it, it is so beautiful that we don't want to break it!

Sparkling sugar white chocolate by Le Comptoir de Mathilde (4€)

White chocolate, we know, sparkling sugar, less. In the mouth, it's quite surprising:it gives the impression of having small bubbles exploding everywhere. So funny, yes, but not necessarily pleasant. At least we have the assurance of not devouring the tablet in one go!

Dark cranberries and almonds by Nestlé (€3.74)

The recipes of the Workshop are 4 ultra-gourmet recipes that mix chocolate (dark or milk) with dried fruits and nuts or almonds. We fell in love with this recipe based on dark chocolate, which mixes the acidity and sweetness of cranberry with the sweetness of roasted almonds. Rather trendy milk chocolate? The recipe is also available in a sweeter version, in which there are also hazelnuts. Slurp!

Chocolate with crème brûlée by Lindt (€2.79)

For fans of crème brûlée, this tablet combines two sweets in one. A bit like a Proust madeleine, it reminds us of the desserts our grandmother made for us when we were little. Impossible then not to succumb to its crispy caramelized...

Dark chocolate heart filled with raspberry by Ikalia (€4.97)

Organic and fair trade chocolate is necessarily good for your health, isn't it?! In any case, this recipe should delight fans of the chocolate + fruit mix, since the dark chocolate bar contains a raspberry heart. Not very into fruit? We bet the salted butter caramel version will tempt you…

Chocolate with macaroon and praline by Monbana (€4.10)

Called "La Parisienne", this tablet will delight all sugar fans. Combined with almond flakes, it undoubtedly recalls the good taste of Parisian macaroons. Chic then!

White chocolate with Vanilla Rooibos by Café Tasse (€3.20)

If white chocolate is not to everyone's taste, here is a combination that has the merit of attracting curiosity:this tablet of Belgian origin mixes white chocolate with Rooibos tea with vanilla from the islands. Gourmet and melting, it's an invitation to travel!

Lavender flower dark chocolate by Le Comptoir de Mathilde (4€)

It is surely unheard of, such a flowery chocolate! In any case, it has a unique smell (and taste!) that smells of Provence... So, if you can't stand the scent of lavender, it's better to skip this one.

Chocolate with Irish Coffee by Lindt (€2.79)

No, don't be mistaken, it's not just in the little 'Mon Chéri' chocolates that we find alcohol. This delicacy contains cream of Irish liqueur, whiskey and coffee and will delight Irish Coffee addicts. Then, even if the taste of alcohol is not very strong, we consume it in moderation anyway!