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Healthier chocolate milk

Is chocolate milk your favorite drink to warm up with? By making it yourself, you make this hot drink a little healthier.

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What milk do you use?
Depending on your wishes, you can choose different types of milk. For example, regular milk provides protein and calcium. Unsweetened almond milk is a good option if you opt for as few calories as possible, but it also contains slightly fewer nutrients.

Use raw cocoa
Use raw cocoa powder to prepare your chocolate milk. This is healthier than a processed variant.

Choose your sweetener wisely If the raw cocoa powder chocolate milk is not sweet enough for your taste, you can add a little bit of sugar. You can also opt for a little vanilla, honey, stevia or maple syrup.

Add spices
Cinnamon combines very well with chocolate milk and it is also healthy. Now that little bit of cinnamon in your chocolate milk won't make a world of difference, but it is delicious.

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