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Chocolate Christmas decorations!

Christmas decor, we love it. And when you can eat it, you love it even more! This is why we fell in love with the 2014 Christmas Collection from Chocolats Roland Réauté. Christmas tree balls, carousels, rocking horses... all in chocolate (tested and approved)! Perfect for a chic and cozy decoration idea, a gift, or to offer to a loved one (or to our taste buds).

Come on, we let you discover. Try not to salivate too much…

Christmas Sweets

We tested them. And honestly, we found them so pretty that we had a hard time biting into them… But once the chocolate melts in your mouth, we are finally delighted! To put on the corner of a guest plate, as a decoration on a chest of drawers or on the fireplace.

Christmas balls in burgundy red marbled dark chocolate or vermilion red white chocolate
Dimensions (HxD):6.5x6cm; weight:35g
Recommended retail price:€3.50 incl. VAT per unit

To garnish the table runner, there is also this "Christmas Sweets" strip format.
Recommended retail price:€8.95 incl. VAT

The Marbled Tree

“O, my beautiful tree, king of chocolate! » Resolutely original, this marbled and massive sculpture will add a very chic touch to your decor. No need for a gift under this one:we'll be too busy snacking.

Burgundy red marbled dark chocolate tree

Dimensions (HxD):17x16cm, weight:235g
Recommended retail price:14.95 euros including tax

The Carousel

A superb object that will allow us to remember, warm with our loved ones, our childhood memories in the whirlwinds of the carousels.

Milk chocolate carousel; white chocolate horses sprinkled with vermilion red

Dimensions (HxD):17x21cm, weight:450g
Recommended retail price:€24.95 incl. VAT

The Rocking Horse

Ok, children will not be able to climb on it. But they can play with it happily! Yum!

Rocking horse in milk chocolate and white chocolate

Dimensions (HxLxW):12x16x2cm, weight:100g

Recommended retail price:€7.95 incl. VAT

The Chic &Shock Box

A little more classic than what we saw above, this pretty box, which contains an assortment of 6 sachets of 100 g of successful Roland Réauté chocolates, is ideal to offer and share.

Chic &Shock Box

Dimensions (HxLxW):18x20x7cm
Recommended retail price:€25.20 incl. VAT

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