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5 tips to eat a healthy lunch tomorrow

5 tips to eat a healthy lunch tomorrow

With these tips you can make your healthy lunch for tomorrow today.

Bring enough food with you

If you don't bring lunch to work or an appointment, you are more likely to eat in the cafeteria or buy something quickly at the station. Make sure you have enough food with you and the temptation will be a lot smaller.

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Make your lunch while you cook

Leftovers from dinner can be the perfect lunch for the next day. Are the leftovers unsuitable? Put some couscous in boiling water, cut some extra vegetables, fry an extra piece of meat and you can make a couscous salad in the same time.

Provide handy take-away containers

This tip is not immediately for tomorrow, but it is very useful:make sure you have handy containers that close well and do not leak. Small containers or containers with different compartments are also useful:for example, you can take your yogurt and muesli separately or pour the dressing of your salad into a separate container. Mix everything before eating and all ingredients are still fresh and crunchy.

Make something different

Your lunch doesn't just have to consist of bread or salads. Think also of wraps, soup (take it warm in a thermos), rice, grilled vegetables, gnocchi…

Divide your lunch into containers in the evening

In the morning you probably don't have the time or inclination to divide your food into portions. Make sure you have done this the night before and put a reminder in your phone so that you don't leave your tasty lunch in the fridge in the morning.