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Which country is the best McDonald's?

McDonald's is different in every country, but where is the fast food chain best? That's a question for James McGowan.

James has been blogging since 2011 about… the food at McDonald's worldwide. He tasted the craziest menus and snacks; from a black burger in Thailand to truffle fries and the strangest desserts.

Which McDonald's should we go to according to James?
To get to the best McDonald's, you have to travel. Of all the locations James has tested, he is most enthusiastic about McDonald's in Sri Lanka. There are only a few sandwiches on the menu, but fine sandwiches. His favorite? The seeni sambol sandwich with egg, cheese, onions and tuna. The omelet burger from Sri Lanka is also one of James' favourites.

Do you go to McDonald's abroad, or do you prefer to eat somewhere else?