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12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

Do you have a glass jug and tap water?

Then you can grow any aromatic plant on your window.

And this, whatever the season!

No need to buy pots for the occasion.

Just recycle a jar of mayonnaise or jam for example.

If you like aromatic plants, you will save a lot of money with this trick!

Here are 12 herbs you can grow in water all year round .

Perfect for those with no time or no garden. Watch:

12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

  • 1. Peppermint
  • 2. Oregano
  • 3. Sage
  • 4. Basil
  • 5. Stevia
  • 6. Thyme
  • 7. Rosemary
  • 8. Melissa
  • 9. Chives
  • 10. Coriander
  • 11. Lavender
  • 12. Marjoram

1. Peppermint

Grow peppermint in a jar and cut some for your herbal tea, to flavor oil or soup. You can also take advantage of the sweet smell of mint to perfume your interior. Put it near windows, but not in direct sunlight.

2. Oregano

Fresh oregano is great in homemade sauces, soups and other savory dishes. Just use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut a few leaves. Oregano can grow very quickly, watch its growth.

3. Sage

Sage has a savory scent, which is why it is often used in aromatherapy. You can also use sage to spice up eggs, chicken, lamb or pineapple. Take as much as you need and add it to your favorite dish. Sage needs light, but not necessarily direct sunlight.

4. Basil

12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

This Italian herb is very popular. It grows very well in water and can be used in many recipes including sauces and soups. The basil pot should be exposed to the sun for 6-8 hours a day.

5. Stevia

This hardy plant loves the sun, but can grow just as well in more shady areas. You can use the leaves of this herb to sweeten your tea or coffee naturally. You can even create a powder from the leaves.

6. Thyme

Thyme has many uses. Its leaves or flowers can be eaten in the kitchen or to make herbal teas. Thyme needs lots of sun, so place your pots behind a well-exposed window.

7. Rosemary

This aromatic plant loves direct sunlight and also appreciates a little shade. It will grow perfectly in full sun. Use it to season your favorite dishes and give them a little Mediterranean touch!

8. Melissa

12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

You can use lemon balm to create an herbal tea to relieve stress, help you sleep better, or relieve symptoms of indigestion. Grow this plant in full sun.

9. Chives

She belongs to the onion family and is super easy to grow. You can use it in any dish. This plant just needs lots of water and sun.

10. Coriander

Cilantro needs direct sunlight and also some shade. Use this tasty herb to spice up your Asian and Mexican dishes, among other things.

11. Lavender

12 Herbs You Can Grow All Year Round JUST IN WATER.

Lavender can be used to soothe depression, relieve migraines and cramps, or aid sleep. Use lavender leaves in herbal tea or macerate them in oil. In addition, its smell is pleasant and will perfume the whole room! This herb needs sun and fresh air to thrive.

12. Marjoram

This herb also does well indoors, although it grows best in full sun. It is quite slow growing so it takes a bit of patience. Use this herb to season chicken and beef dishes, for example. You can also create an oil, by macerating marjoram leaves, for lotions and baths.