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How to MAKE Your Kitchen Floor SHINE EASILY.

How to MAKE Your Kitchen Floor SHINE EASILY.

Looking for how to clean the kitchen floor?

It's true that the kitchen floor gets dirty quickly.

In particular because of the projections of fat which cannot be overcome easily.

There is an effective trick to make the kitchen floor shine and eliminate those stubborn stains.

The trick is to use a mixture of soda crystals and Marseille soap . Watch:

How to MAKE Your Kitchen Floor SHINE EASILY.

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How to

1. Put on gloves before handling the soda crystals.

2. In a basin, put three tablespoons of soda crystals.

3. Add a teaspoon of Marseille soap shavings.

4. Dilute everything in a liter of very hot water.

5. Mix.

6. Spread this mixture on your floors with a mop.

7. No need to rinse.

8. Let it dry.

How to MAKE Your Kitchen Floor SHINE EASILY.


And There you go ! Your floors have now regained all their shine as on the 1st day :-)

Easy and quick, right? The difference is stunning! It's still cleaner that way, isn't it?

No more dirty and sticky kitchen floors due to grease splashes.

Why does it work?

The ingredients of this homemade recipe are all very effective in cleaning any floor, even very dirty.

Indeed, Marseille soap is an excellent stain remover and degreaser. As for the soda crystals, they perfectly degrease and disinfect the floors.

You can apply this mixture on linoleum, tiles, laminate, stone, cement, vinyl and concrete.

On the other hand, never use it on waxed floors, in oak or chestnut wood, or on aluminium.