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Moët &Chandon launches exclusive multi-vintage champagne:MCIII

Moët &Chandon has launched an exclusive multi-vintage champagne for an unprecedented luxurious experience:MCIII. MCIII is born from vintage wines aged in three essential conditions:metal (stainless steel barrels), wood (oak barrels) and glass (glass bottles). This groundbreaking champagne represents Moët &Chandon's values ​​in an unprecedented, outspoken and extremely exclusive way.

'MC' refers to Moët &Chandon, 'III' to the innovative trinity; the triple assemblage, the three aging methods, the three stages of wine evolution, the three different grapes and the three-year aging period. The first series is called MCIII 001.14 and is the result of a ten-year development process. “001” refers to the first cuvée and “.14” to the date of the disgorgement.

Recommended retail price € 450