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6 chef tips for better cooking

What makes the difference between a chef's cuisine and our grub? Little things and, it must be said, a lot of work and experience. And if it is complicated to compensate for the years of experience, we can however change small things in our way of cooking in order to improve our dishes. On Reddit, a user challenged the heads of the social network to ask them the following question:“What do amateurs do wrong? Here are 6 answers to keep in mind the next time we're in the kitchen.

Keep quiet

“Sometimes you have to leave things as they are. This steak. This piece of fish. This broth. It is not because we are agitated that we improve the quality of food. » @dukeofbun

Do things in order

“Vegetables in sauces and such – cook them first. Don't add raw onions to a tomato sauce that's been simmering for a while and expect it to be good. Large amounts of randomly selected spices make food taste bad. You have to know them and know how to use them. » @BitchinIndika

Preparing the ground

“You have to read the whole recipe before you touch anything. Then, we prepare all the ingredients in the right proportions before starting the cooking. Cut the vegetables, mince the meat and mix the spices. Cooking is so much easier when everything is ready beforehand and all you have to worry about is what goes into the pan. What do you think happens in the kitchens of a restaurant between the lunch service and the evening service? Everything is prepared so that cooking goes faster and easier. » @mousicle

Cut correctly

“Keep the fingers behind the knuckles (of the hands) and the knife in front, and keep the blade on the cutting board. Your fingers will thank you. » @BAANG

Dose the salt

“My brother is a chef in a 2-star restaurant and tells me that things would be so much easier if people added salt during cooking and not just at the beginning or at the end. » @Sawgrangyer

Enjoy and relax

"Don't be afraid to experiment and tweak recipes to suit your tastes. Taste as it cooks, adjusting seasoning, salt, sugar and acidity levels. Don't be a recipe-following robot. Cooking is an art. » @HipsterCavemanDJ

There you go, take note!