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What's the best way to enjoy an avocado? An American chef answers!

In recent years, the success story of the avocado has not weakened:the fruit has inspired entrepreneurs who have dedicated entire bars to it and it has even become the favored canvas for incredibly talented sculptors. However, these more or less incongruous trends have gradually made us forget the essential:what is the best way to enjoy your avocado? American chef Candice Kumai shared her expertise with wellness site Well And Good , and it turns out that going simple is the most effective.

A method inspired by makis?

The gastronomy specialist – who is also a big fan of the fruit since she eats 3 a day – reveals that an avocado is tastier when eaten… with soy sauce. Simply ! She explains that she usually cuts the avocado in half and pours a tiny amount of soy sauce on each half, which she then layers with lemon juice. The people of the mayo team, we will have to change sides quickly... Or at least try once the method recommended by the Chef. Ah, and if you still have doubts about the best way to enjoy your sushi, the answer is here!