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What can I do with overripe fruit?

Is your fruit too ripe? You can often still use it. A banana bread becomes extra sweet from a banana that is too ripe.

Make a smoothie
The easiest way to use overripe fruit.

Baking banana bread You can bake banana bread from your overripe banana, it makes it extra sweet. For example, use our recipe for a healthy banana bread or look up something yourself on the internet.

Baking something else
Not fond of banana bread? Muffins with strawberry, blueberry or peach are also a good idea.

Make jam or compote
In a jam and compote it doesn't matter if the fruit is a little too ripe. You can also make sauce for meat or pancakes.

Make water with a taste You can squeeze lemon over your tea or water. A few strawberries give your water a sweet taste.

Make it a dessert
An apple crumble, raspberry crumble or caramelized apple. yum! Or you can put the fruit in the blender with some yogurt and freeze it in ice pop molds.

Can't you use the fruit at the moment? Cut it into pieces and freeze it. By putting portions in ziplock bags, you can easily make smoothies from them later.

What do you do with fruit that is too ripe?