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An associative restaurant in Paris, or great cuisine at very low prices.

An associative restaurant in Paris, or great cuisine at very low prices.

A restaurant with good meals cooked with love, fresh products and for cheap, you say?

This is not easy to find, especially when you live in Paris.

This clever place, we found it.

This is the Foyer de la Madeleine, an associative restaurant, in the 8th arrondissement.

A small place; cozy, hidden where you can eat for a few euros.

A meeting place for associations that work to ensure that Paris is not just a city made for those who have money.

On the menu, good little simmered dishes as if it was our grandmother who had prepared them for us.

From the shepherd's pie illustrating our photo, by the way one of the best I've had the opportunity to eat, to the very succulent quiche Lorraine too, passing by the very complete peasant salad, there is something for everyone.

The menu changes every day, so it's a good surprise every lunchtime.

The restaurant works with a membership card, the prices of which are as follows:

- Annual individual membership card at €7.

- Annual group membership card at €60.

- Meals at a fixed price for members of €9, €16 for guests

What to eat well without breaking the bank!

The Foyer de la Madeleine is only open for lunch Monday to Friday from 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m., without reservation.

Our advice as a regular customer, is to go early enough to be sure to have room and something to eat!

Savings Achieved

For many, the midday lunch break is the relaxing moment of the day. And it is often on the shoot that we eat for lack of time and money.

For an average of €9 a meal, eating lunch isn't much more expensive than shopping for groceries or a well-stocked but not as nutritious sandwich.

The meals are homemade and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Helping an association while enjoying lunch for a cursed amount of money, that's what it's good to be thrifty!