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The best tips &tricks against food waste

A third of all food worldwide is thrown away – more than half of it at home. That equates to 75 kilograms per person per year, two shopping carts could be filled with it. So it's up to us to do something about food waste and thus declare war on climate change. With a few simple tricks for everyday life, you can easily avoid food waste at home. We've collected the best tips and tricks for sustainable food use here.

Planning:keeping an eye on everything

One of the main reasons for wasting food in your own household is lack or poor planning when shopping. That is why it makes sense to get an overview beforehand by clearing and organizing the refrigerator, pantry, etc. So nothing is bought twice and ultimately not used. Meal planning, in turn, can help you buy only the groceries you really need. A simple but effective trick to avoid impulse buying at the supermarket is to make a shopping list. Even though it sounds super simple, it really helps me!

Shopping:giving imperfect fruits and vegetables a chance

Fruits and vegetables are among the most common foods thrown away in the world. In Europe, 50 million tons are already sorted at harvest time. The reason for this is that they do not meet the required standard and are therefore difficult to sell. By changing our habits and judging food less by appearance, we make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of food that ends up in the trash.

Storage:good organization

Storing food correctly has a direct effect on the shelf life. The refrigerator should therefore be arranged according to temperature zones. Fresh products and meat are best stored in the coldest place, local fruit, on the other hand, is sufficient at 8°C. Hint: Always put products that will be used in the near future at the very front, just like in the supermarket.

Shelf life:check the best before date with your senses

Misunderstanding the best-before date often leads to products being thrown away too quickly. Don't pay too much attention to the expiration date. Because the best before date does not mean that the food is automatically unconsumable from the date on it. Here we explain how you know if products are no longer good. By looking, smelling and tasting, products can easily be checked for taste using your own senses.

Cooking:improvising and trying new things

If food needs to be used up urgently, delicious leftovers can be improvised. With these leftover recipes you throw away less. Overripe fruit can be used to make water ice, ice cream or smoothies.

After eating:avoid food waste

Just the right amount of cooking is not that easy. With the portion-wise freezing of leftovers, food no longer has to be thrown away. You can also ask friends, a family member, or neighbors if you have any spare, if they can use it. By sharing food with others, you fight against food waste and also make family, friends or neighbors happy.