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Disaronno Fizz:the best brunch cocktail to make at home!

Attention cocktail fans:April 19th is once again dominated by Disaronno Day. Disaronno celebrates this day the passion for the world's favorite Italian liqueur with everyone who loves tasty cocktails. Although we live in an unprecedented time, there are several possible ways to celebrate this day with respect and observance of the measures taken.

Join us and organize a delicious Sunday brunch at your home on April 19th and toast online with friends or family with a refreshing Disaronno Fizz. Brunch doesn't just mean taking time for yourself, but also having (digital) fun together and eating, drinking and chatting!

Disaronno Fizz Cocktail
Complete your brunch with a homemade Disaronno Fizz; a low-alcohol drink with a distinct character. Disaronno's original taste and unmistakable aroma are combined with carbonated soda bubbles and lemon juice for a refreshing, thirst-quenching cocktail. Ideal to make your brunch even more special and super easy to make at home!

Disaronno Fizz:the best brunch cocktail to make at home!

45 ml Disaronno
Sparkling water
Fresh lemon juice

Pour the Disaronno into a glass filled with ice, top up with sparkling water and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Stir gently.

Lemon zest