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Tips for healthy and tasty food during the summer

Summer makes it tempting to grab a quick potato or pizza on the street, but it's also the season that offers the perfect opportunity to plan delicious, healthy meals. In the warmer months it is easier for people to eat healthy than at any other time of the year. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, combined with the chance to grill food, provide many tasty alternatives to the high-fat foods we may associate with summer. Here are some suggestions for making the most of summer with foods that are both tasty and nutritious:

* Be sensible. Opt for lean meat. Tenderize the meat to increase flavor and texture without adding fat. Marinate in salsa, low-calorie dressing, wine, or lemon juice.
Grilled chicken breasts, steak, and lamb chops are also great alternatives to hot dogs and burgers.

* Strive for variety. Start the health factor with grilling fruits and vegetables. Grilling vegetables gives flavor. Make kebabs with fruit and grill over low heat until the fruit is warm and lightly golden. These healthy snacks make consuming the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables easy.

* Don't forget to stay hydrated. Summer heat can cause dehydration. Water is the best option when the temperature rises, but you can also add slices of lemons or strawberries for a natural taste.

* Make healthy eating a priority this summer by focusing on simple snacks that don't require a lot of prep work. Keep fresh berries in the fridge to add to salads, yogurt, and ice creams. Keep healthy extras, such as lettuce and tomatoes, in your vegetable bin. Try homemade popsicles by freezing 100 percent juice. Cut up raw vegetables to serve with low-fat dips.