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Healthy cooking favourite:the Yoga Cookbook!

What is it?

A collection of 108 gourmet recipes, but not only. Alternating yoga practices and recipes throughout the day (waking up, midday, etc.), this book also has a long introduction to "the yogic relationship to food". How to eat healthy in the era of junk food, how to define the best food and integrate it into your daily life, which foods are best to reduce or avoid, which cooking method to favor... Questions that concern us all, whether we are yogi or not!


homemade oat, beet and ginger granola; bowl of fruits, spices and fresh herbs; zucchini cake, walnuts, cardamom; sacred rice; Crumble From Vegetables; coriander velouté, coconut milk; strange cake, slow cooking… Recipes without meat, without fish and without garlic or onion.

Why do we love?

Because the Yoga Cookbook succeeds in the feat of being both sharp and accessible, of referring to the founding texts (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita and Bhagavad-Gita) without ever putting off, of making people want to healthy cooking and practicing yoga, even starting out if you are a total novice!

The phrase to remember:

“To happily content and nurture all dimensions of the body is the true aim of the art of nurturing in yoga. »

The book:

Yoga Cookbook, by Garlone Bardel, with the assistance of Anne-Claire Meret, naturopath trained in Ayurvedic medicine and the preface of Blaise Angel, karma sannyasin, yoga teacher and trainer of teachers. Editions Ulmer, €29.90. On sale October 5.