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A cookie dipped in milk is scientifically proven to be better!

Great Big Story, the video network "dedicated to the unspoken, over-the-top, yet great topics" has delved into a subject you may have also pondered:are cookies better when dunked in milk? or not ? To be able to answer (in a slightly crazy video), the Great Big Story teams called on Matt Hartings, professor of chemistry at the American University of Washington, with a specialization in culinary chemistry.

To balance it all out

The verdict is clear:yes, cookies are scientifically best dipped in milk! According to Matt Hartings, the milk would act directly on the chemical composition of the cookie, and would attenuate certain flavors that are naturally too pronounced. Thus, the milk would come to balance all its flavors that are too sweet, too salty or too bitter, which would therefore fade on contact. So don't ask yourself any more questions:dip your cookies in your bowls of milk with pleasure (if you weren't already doing it)!