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These are the 7 easiest fruits and vegetables to grow yourself

These are the 7 easiest fruits and vegetables to grow yourself

Are you consciously concerned with buying less at the supermarket and would you like to start a vegetable garden? Then these fruits and vegetables are a good starting point if you are still new to the gardening profession. All you need is a balcony, garden or terrace with some sunlight. You can do this!

1. Radishes

Don't you have a green thumb? Then radishes are an easy start for your own vegetable garden. You don't have to plant the seeds for radishes deeply and they don't have to be placed far apart. They also don't need a lot of light and you can have a new crop once a month. And bonus points for the radish:it comes in many different varieties to choose from.

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2. Garlic

If you thought weeds grew fast, you've never seen garlic grow. All you have to do for this delicious seasoning is bury a clove in the earth with the pointy end up and in no time new garlic cloves are created that you can use for all your fresh meals.

3. Zucchini

This vegetable may be a level above beginner level because there are certain conditions that you must adhere to for a good zucchini harvest. For example, you have to plant the courgettes far from each other as they need a lot of space. Courgettes can grow to a decent size, although they are tastier if you pick them when they are a bit smaller. They also grow best in warmer temperatures and need regular water.

4. Coin

Mint is such an easy plant to grow that sometimes they are even too hard for the inexperienced grower. It is therefore best to plant mint in a pot to prevent it from taking over half of your vegetable garden. Two advantages of mint are that the plants look great as decoration in your kitchen and they also smell wonderful. Fresh mint tea, anyone?

5. Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes needs a little more attention, but is still fairly simple. Tomatoes grow best with direct sunlight, plenty of water and a high temperature. In addition, you must be able to protect them against bad weather and unwanted animals. So it is preferable to plant tomatoes in the summer months when it is nice and warm. It is best to pick the tomatoes when they are so ripe that they almost break off the stem.

6. Strawberries

Strawberries are very easy to grow yourself. They are not huge shrubs and trees, but small plants. Unfortunately, vegetable gardens don't grow the same size strawberries as you often find in the supermarkets, but they do have a lot more flavor. Even though they don't grow at a rapid pace, home-grown strawberries are definitely worth it.

7. Cucumbers

Last but not least, the cucumber. This vegetable is ready for picking after a month and a half. Did you know that your harvest gets bigger every time? This makes growing cucumbers a lot easier for you. For some variation in your vegetable garden, you can also opt for a less well-known variety, such as a cucumber with a light lemon flavour. Plant it!