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6 ingredients to turn your coffee into dessert

6 ingredients to turn your coffee into dessert

Do you like to drink a cup of coffee after dinner? Do something different with your coffee and make it a dessert with one of these ingredients!

Of course you can just add a liqueur or syrup, but sugar is often added. With the following natural ingredients you give your coffee a touch of sweetness.

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1. Cinnamon

A sweet, warm taste. And cinnamon is healthy too.

2. Chocolate

Let a block of chocolate melt in your coffee, preferably choose the purest possible chocolate.

3. Vanilla

Vanilla extract is deliciously sweet, but does not contain a lot of calories. You only need a few drops per cup.

4. Coconut

Add a little coconut milk to your coffee, or use grated coconut.

5. Orange

Add some grated zest to the coffee filter. Too much hassle? Just put a piece of the peel in your freshly brewed coffee.

6. Ice cream

You can also make a dessert with coffee, instead of making a dessert with your coffee. Affogatto is a dessert that is usually made from a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso.