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What to do with the Juice of Peeled Tomatoes?

What to do with the Juice of Peeled Tomatoes?

Canned peeled tomatoes come in handy in the kitchen.

But generally, except for dishes in sauce, juice is rarely used!

It would be a waste to throw it away, right? What a pity...

Fortunately, my grandmother gave me some recipes that were easy to make and delicious to imagine with the juice of peeled tomatoes...

What to do with the Juice of Peeled Tomatoes?

A sauce to accompany the meat

In a skillet, brown the onions then pour the juice from your canned tomatoes. Add beef or poultry broth to this preparation.

Do not put too much, the consistency must keep a little thickness. Let simmer for 5 to 10 minutes and finish the sauce with Provencal herbs, basil or a little chopped parsley.

And hop, here is a quick sauce which will go very well with meatballs, beef or poultry!

A grout for pizzas

Still in a skillet, brown finely chopped onions and add the juice from the canned tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper, spice up the preparation with thyme or basil and cook for a few minutes.

This tomato coulis is perfect for lining the bottom of your pizza. Spread a good dose and add the rest of the desired ingredients.

A tomato juice to perk up

Pass the juice of the peeled tomatoes through a sieve to filter the pieces. Mix the liquid with lemon and tabasco. Salt, pepper and add celery salt (if you have it) to finish the drink.

In a few minutes, you have a very fresh tomato juice to drink. It's good for the palate, but also the body since it fills up with vitamins!

You see, when it comes to cooking, it's all about the imagination!

Even the simplest foods, such as the juice from canned tomatoes, can work wonders when prepared properly.

The whole thing is to let your creativity speak by testing!

Savings achieved

Accommodating the coulis of canned peeled tomatoes is in itself a saving! You make your purchase profitable using the entire purchased product.

A can of tomatoes costs less than €1, but small streams make big rivers!

It's also savings on meals and a clever way to give a little originality to your cooking by using this coulis to accompany certain preparations or create new ones!

Your turn...

What do you think of these tomato juice recipe ideas? If you have other suggestions, go to the comments section! We can't wait to read you!