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6 tips for a healthy lunch at work

In the file of Santé's September issue you can read how to create a healthy workplace for yourself. A healthy lunch makes your working day complete.

1. Cook some extra
An easy lunch is yesterday's dinner. For example, cook some extra rice and vegetables and immediately put them in a container so that you can take it with you to work.

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2. Use your freezer
You often don't have time in the morning to make a nice lunch. Fortunately, there is still a homemade zucchini soup in the freezer. Therefore, never throw away leftovers, but freeze them.

3. Listen to your body
A healthy lunch certainly does not equal a small lunch. On the contrary, make sure you eat enough. Have some extra salad or a soup with your lunch, to avoid snacking in the afternoon. Also listen to your body when you are full. Put the leftovers from your lunch in the fridge, you might still be hungry later in the day.

4. Add vegetables
Vegetables aren't just for dinner. Try to add some vegetables to every meal.

5. Don't forget your lunch
Put your car or bicycle keys on your lunch tray in the fridge in the evening to avoid forgetting your tasty and healthy lunch.

6. Get away from your desk during your lunch break
Eat your own lunch in the canteen, or better yet:go outside for a walk.

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