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An agile and clever caterer to celebrate the end of year celebrations at the office!

When the best food comes to your office

Rethinking the traditional lunch break to bring indulgence, pleasure and above all quality, such is the ambition of Room Saveurs. The trend of well-being at work has opened the door to new managerial and consumer codes. And that's good. Because we spend a large part of our life at work, it is quite normal that it makes us happy! One of the key moments for pampering employees remains the meal, whether it's a lunch meeting, an event at the office, a tasting or a culinary event, the new food trends find all their places within companies.

And that, Room Saveurs, caterer for companies, understood it very quickly. A key player in the market for meals delivered to companies in Paris and the Paris region, this caterer rigorously selects seasonal products, local productions and other exceptional recipes to the delight of employees. For more than 10 years, Room Saveurs has distinguished itself in the meal delivery market and has played a major role in the revival of the lunch break.

Thanks to its catering offers for meals, cocktails and other afterwork, Room Saveurs guarantees a gourmet moment full of good humor, sharing and conviviality. And all the experts agree, these are also the ingredients for better productivity.

For the holidays, enjoy the best recipes, directly on your plates

What sets Room Saveurs apart is above all the quality of the dishes offered. Surrounded by the best chefs and houses, this new generation caterer delivers the best meals to you. Fauchon, Ville de Paris, Boco, Roberta and many more, many iconic brands invite themselves to lunch breaks, meetings and corporate events.

It is in this perspective of better eating in the workplace that Room Saveurs will surprise you for the end of year celebrations. His mission:to recreate the magic of Christmas and New Year's Eve in the office.

Buffets, festive meal trays and culinary entertainment are on the agenda:roast guinea fowl with morel sauce, foie gras, capon, scallops, salmon and other essentials worthy of a Christmas table, here's a good way to celebrate the holidays in the spotlight, to share fun and friendly moments to boost your teams. When it comes to culinary entertainment, you won’t be left out:discover the Room’ specially designed for the holidays! Festive Room:you choose your bread and the confit for your foie gras and voila, a host will prepare a toast for you at the minute. And for dessert lovers, the unmissable Yule log becomes the queen of entertainment:the magic of Christmas transforms cream, fruit and praline into amazing frozen yule logs before your eyes.

Because conviviality is good for your health, with Room Saveurs, say YES to happiness in the workplace!

We were also seduced by the values ​​carried by the brand. Room Saveurs is a caterer that capitalizes on eating better:minimum transformation, promotion of local production, total transparency, short circuit and emphasis on organic, it is a whole responsible approach that is proposed. Finally, Room Saveurs strives to work better by offering gourmet and user-friendly solutions that promote sharing and productivity.

Room Saveurs:a practical, intelligent and innovative solution

As you will have understood, the key words are conviviality, sharing, creativity and agility. And Room Saveurs has thought of everything. Delivered in a very easy to use packaging, everything is ready to be consumed quickly. Preparing a cocktail or a meeting lunch has never been easier. In a few minutes, you can install your sideboard thanks to "turnkey" solutions.

What's more, Room Saveurs innovates and invites itself into the food-tech universe. Indeed, to make life easier for those who organize company meals, this trendy caterer offers a great digital offer. Online ordering becomes child's play and centralization of menus is made easier. With the C'surmesure service, build your basket on the internet by sending each employee a link so that they can choose their menu of the day, validate your order and you are delivered.

Aperitif dinner or afterwork, nothing could be simpler! Request a quote online, ask all your questions and within hours the customer service will offer you the most suitable solution so that you can finally manage such events with complete peace of mind. A cocktail event to organise? Nothing could be simpler:with the cocktail quantity simulator, make your order online in complete autonomy!

And, good news for all foodies! 2019 holds many surprises. We advise you to follow the Room Saveurs news closely, because it seems that a new offer of gourmet menus, twisted and to peck in a food market spirit will soon be available! Keep an eye out for