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Can I also cook it in the microwave?

Coconut eggs. Attention, not a whole egg with its shell:it explodes! On the other hand, you can make cocotte eggs. A C. at s. fresh cream in a ramekin, break the egg on top, salt, pepper, chopped chives:cook minute by minute at medium power until the white is firm.

Creamy chicken. Are you too lazy to prepare your chicken with cream in the pan? We put the ingredients (mushrooms, cream, mustard, chicken in strips, salt, pepper) in a dish, about 8 min, at medium power. If the chicken is firm, it's cooked. Downside:the meat will not be browned, but it will be more tender.

Vegetables. In a container, put 500 g of peeled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.), 3 tbsp. at s. water, salt, pepper, butter. Put in the oven with a half-closed lid or a pierced film and spend 5 min on medium power.

Soup. Variation:put all the vegetables cut into pieces in a salad bowl with water, oil, salt and pepper:10 min in the microwave, medium power. Mix and serve.

A creme caramel. Pour into a ramekin a small base of ready-made liquid caramel, 1/2 l of milk, 3 eggs, 100g of sugar, 1/2 vanilla pod. We cook at low power:as soon as it has set, it's good. The caramel will color the cream when it is removed from the mould:we have the homemade Flamby!

Pasta. Beware, this requires an accessory:the new pasta cooker from Tupperware. Skeptical at first, we tested it and we were amazed on arrival. We put the pasta in the Tupperware, we add water to the line, we heat 4 to 8 minutes more than the cooking time indicated, and we drain directly thanks to the small integrated holes. Results ? Perfect al dente pasta and a real time saver (especially if you have electric hotplates), because you no longer have to boil the water.

Thanks to Thomas Feller, author of the book "microwave cooking" published by Hachette Pratique.