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Discover the brilliant trick to make champagne sparkle again

The champagne was served as an aperitif but the bottles are still half filled at the end of the meal, and the precious sparkling wine is flat. No hasty decisions, especially not. So don't throw away what can be saved. Because there is indeed a solution to restore the shine to your stale champagne. A miracle ingredient that is none other than a…simple raisin!

How to find fine and vigorous bubbles?

Raisin that you will have to drop to the bottom of the bottle a few minutes before serving the rest of your champagne, the time that the carbon dioxide gas agglomerates on the surface of the grape. Small bubbles will form around the raisin, which will then rise to the surface. From then on, all you have to do is remove it from the bottle and immediately serve the remaining champagne. It will then have regained its effervescence. You're welcome!
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