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15 delicious and melting recipe ideas with pears

Affordable seasonal fruit, the pear is one of our favorite fruits and for good reason, the French consume on average nearly five kilos per year , and for good reason! Because this sweet, juicy and so tasty snack is rich in vitamins C and minerals, among others .
Cooking is an experience in its own right. Thanks to its skin, its flesh and its flavors, the pear can indeed spice up any dish , even in a sweet and salty mixture. It is therefore not surprising to find that you can make a multitude of recipes, delicious and light, based on pears . With meat, fish, pasta, a salad or a dessert, the pear has it all.

Tips:which variety of pear to choose according to the dishes?

Difficult to find your way among all the varieties of pears that exist, more than a thousand to be exact. Fortunately only a dozen dominate our fruit stalls, but even so we often wonder which kind of pear to favor for such and such a recipe . Imagine that there are some advice to be taken into account.

If you want to make a very tasty homemade compote , turn to Williams pears quite ripe. Otherwise, most pears are fine to use for this type of recipe, even for a good crumble .

To make pears in syrup , the Williams are also highly recommended, as they are particularly juicy and fruity. Finally, for a sweet and savory dish , it is better to choose a variety of more rustic cooking pears, with hard flesh, and whose aromas only develop during cooking, such as Comice pears , Dry Martin , Boskoop , or the Wounds . With these tips, your meals will be even better!

Discover our recipe ideas with pears in our slideshow.

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