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Aperitif:we love the white Spritz, the ultra-refreshing cocktail for this summer 2020

It's summer, let's calm down and drink cold! It is indeed the time of idleness and cocktails that we sip with friends. A well-deserved summer of 2020 after this spring stolen by the coronavirus pandemic, so let's toast to this newfound freedom. And to make the moment even more enjoyable, there's nothing like a glass of Spritz but... white this time, not the bitter orange one (Apérol).

Let's make way for the elderflower this year. in liqueur or syrup which will mix with Prosecco and offer a fresh, fruity and flowery beverage.

Here is the recipe for the White Spritz, our summer cocktail

Depending on your tastes or what your cupboards contain, you can create the Hugo cocktail (with syrup) or Saint-Germain which takes its name from the elderflower liqueur. Mixed with Prosecco, the already refreshing wine and sparkling,this original cocktail has everything to please us. In addition to having a sweet, fruity taste with floral notes, it is very easy to make for your evenings with friends. We give you the recipe!

PS:prepare ice cubes well in advance for more freshness.


– 4 cL of Saint-Germain liqueur (or syrup for a Hugo cocktail, you followed)

– 6 cL of Prosecco

– 6 cL of sparkling water

Mix all the ingredients in a glass filled with ice. Add a zest of lemon or orange for a note of acidity. And enjoy!