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Homemade Snail Butter Already Ready &Measured.

Snail butter isn't just for snails.

It's great for cooking steak, sautéed potatoes, green beans.

And when it's all ready, it's done faster.

If you have a freezer, here is an essential ingredient to have in stock.

Preparing it in large quantities is a trick that saves you a lot of time, especially when it comes to washing up.

Cutting butter is greasy. Crush garlic, it sticks. And messing up the blender for 3 sprigs of's depressing. So squat your kitchen one of these days for a few minutes to be quiet for several months.


- 2 large 500 gram slabs of butter (when I make big, I don't take it easy!) semi-salted or unsalted, according to your taste,

- 1 head of garlic, or less if children are likely to eat it,

- 2 beautiful bunches of very fresh parsley (which you will have had free at the market at 1:00 p.m.?).


A freezer, a large salad bowl, flexible silicone ice cube trays if possible, a wooden spoon, plastic wrap, and a blender. And for green people who don't have a blender, like me:a pair of scissors and a garlic press!

Little popotte!

Leave the butter at room temperature for a few hours. We are going to work on it, it has to be very soft. Peel the garlic. Wash the parsley, and dry. We don't want it to be waterlogged before freezing.

With the scissors, cut the parsley leaves, but keep the large stems. Freeze them, tied in bundles, to flavor your next soup or broth.

Mix the garlic and parsley together, finely if possible, then pour into the large salad bowl. Or, crush the garlic and cut the parsley very finely with the scissors. Add the soft butter and mix with the wooden spoon until smooth.

What next?

Divide your butter into the ice cube trays. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the freezer. Depending on the size of the ice cubes and the amount you cook, you will need more or less ice cubes.

In any case, they will be all ready, will unmold very easily, and will delight you. Roll on mushroom season!

To know if your butter is to your liking the first time, the ideal is to cook it the same day with a steak-beans-green for example. You will know right away if it lacks garlic or something else.

This idea can be declined in many variants. An idea ? Come tell us about it in the comments.