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10 Sandwich Recipes to Die For (Easy and Quick to Make).

Delicious, quick and easy to make sandwich ideas... do you like it?

With the good weather coming and the cravings for picnics that accompany them, the sandwich is back in fashion.

And we have to admit...

It is also very practical and economical to take to the lunch break at work.

Or to savor during a TV set for a series or match night.

And even if we appreciate the traditional baguette-ham-butter...

We also like to vary the pleasures with original sandwich recipes.

Here are 10 quick and easy sandwich recipes that you will love to taste . Watch:

  • 1. Quick Smoked Salmon Sandwich
  • 2. Roquefort arugula cucumber sandwich
  • 3. Sims Sandwich
  • 4. Raw ham and olive goat cheese sandwich
  • 5. Pan bagnat
  • 6. Tuna terrine sandwich
  • 7. Carpaccio Sandwich
  • 8. Sandwich Tiktok
  • 9. The real BLT
  • 10. Club sandwich

1. Quick Smoked Salmon Sandwich

We start with an original sandwich that changes from the simple baguette sandwich.

This is a healthy sandwich that brings a note of freshness to your picnic.

The combination of smoked salmon and fresh cheese and cucumber is the guarantee of a healthy sandwich.

If you want an even lighter and healthier sandwich, replace the bread with a whole wheat pancake to make a wrap. Discover the recipe here.

2. Roquefort arugula cucumber sandwich

Are you a vegetarian? Then you will no doubt be tempted by this Roquefort sandwich with arugula and cucumber.

It's a real explosion of flavors in the mouth that awaits you. The strength of Roquefort goes perfectly with the peppery and spicy flavor of arugula.

The cucumber brings a very pleasant fresh and crunchy touch.

In short, if you like cheese, you will love this sandwich!

Serve it in a very fresh bakery baguette, sandwich bread or a galette wrap.

Know that in addition you can add some personal touches.

Why not thin slices of apple or walnut kernels? Discover the recipe here.

3. Sims Sandwich

You are probably familiar with the Sims video game. Or at least you've at least heard of it, if not played it.

Well in this simulation game, we cook. And the characters love one sandwich in particular:the melted cheese sandwich.

It's a kind of croque-monsieur made with a single ingredient:melted cheese. Cheddar is perfect for that.

Needless to say, this recipe is very easy and quick. Sims aren't starred chefs after all!

But it's a little pleasure to bite into these melting cheese sandwiches... especially if you're playing video games! Discover the recipe here.

4. Raw ham goat cheese and olives sandwich

This sandwich has a little taste of Italy! And it's really very easy to do.

And you'll be surprised that such a simple sandwich can be so good!

It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to prepare it... And much less to devour it.

You can prepare it with bread. But it is just as delicious with ciabatta bread. Discover the recipe here.

5. Pan bagnat

From Nice to Marseille, this is the essential sandwich! This one smells of the south and tastes like a vacation.

Of course, everyone has their own recipe! With or without salad, with or without broad beans...

But there is one rule to follow:no mayonnaise in the pan-bagnat. No, only olive oil!

Pan-bagnat means wet bread. And it is enough to make one to see that the bread is indeed wet with the juice of the tomatoes and the olive oil.

It's a kind of nicoise salad in a round sandwich!

With tuna, eggs and seasonal vegetables, this sandwich is very complete.

And for sure, it will stall you for a good while! Discover the recipe here.

6. Tuna terrine sandwich

Ultra-easy to make, this healthy sandwich fits in any picnic basket!

Just make a good tuna terrine, as explained here. Then we spread it on fresh bread.

We add some raw vegetables (salad, tomatoes, cucumber...). And all you have to do is bite into it.

It's downright lighter than a tuna mayo and it's really better! Discover the recipe here.

7. Carpaccio Sandwich

This is the Italian sandwich that meat lovers will love!

If you've got carpaccio in your fridge (the kind you buy ready-made), you've got what you need.

In 1 min, the sandwich is ready!

The best is to associate your carpaccio with a wholemeal bread or a rustic bread with seeds.

You can add pine nuts, parmesan, pesto or pesto sauce, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes.

And your sandwich already tastes like dolce vita! Discover the recipe here.

8. Tiktok Sandwich

This quick and easy hot sandwich is currently the star of the Tiktok social network!

So what is this famous sandwich? It's actually an egg, cheese and bacon (or ham) sandwich!

Easy to make, economical, it can be prepared in a minute in the pan.

And it's a small snack that can be eaten in the morning or at any time of the day... or night. Find out how here.

9. The real BLT

If there is one sandwich that is a classic American snack, it's the BLT.

B for bacon, L for lettuce and T for tomatoes. Simply!

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous sandwiches.

It certainly owes its success to the ease with which this sandwich can be made.

Yes, no need to be complicated to have something (very) good! Discover the recipe.

And to have bacon spread all over the sandwich, this little trick is infallible.

10. Club sandwich

The club sandwich is undoubtedly the most consumed sandwich in the world.

With its characteristic triangle shape, it is easily recognizable.

He began his career in New York in the early 1900s.

Since then, it has conquered the whole world! Basically, it has the advantage of being simple to make and convenient to eat.

But it has evolved a lot and you can even find it on the tables of palaces at outrageous prices!

With this version of club sandwich with coppa, feta and cucumber, you have a version worthy of the big tables for a ridiculous price!

It is fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. In short, just perfect for a meal tray or a gourmet picnic! Discover the recipe here.